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Breast Augmentation Los Angeles - Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation Photos Breast augmentation (or augmentation mammaplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that uses implants to enlarge and shape the breasts. Some of the reasons women seek breast enlargement surgery are to change the size or shape of their breasts, to bring balance when a breast that is smaller than the other, and to correct a loss of volume or fullness after weight loss or pregnancy. Some women benefit from having a mastopexy (breast lift) along with the augmentation when the breasts are sagging.

The Procedure

Breast augmentation surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia and usually takes less than 2 hours. The incisions are small and usually located underneath the breast just above the crease or around the lower edge of the areola to keep scars as inconspicuous as possible. After the incision has been made, the surgeon creates a pocket into which the implant is inserted; either directly behind the breast tissue or beneath the muscle.

About the Implants

Most women receive saline-filled implants which are filled with sterile saltwater. The implants may also be filled with silicone gel, although the use of these implants is limited to patients who fill certain requirements. Your surgeon can provide you with information on the latest implant research. Dr Gross offers cohesive breast implants*.


Upon leaving the operating room you will be wearing a supportive, elastic bra. Initial discomfort will be controlled with oral medication. Within a day or two you should be up and around and can resume light activities. After several weeks most of the swelling will be gone, exercise can be resumed and you will start to see your final results.


Most women who have breast enlargement surgery are very pleased with the results and find that their new figure is more proportioned and gives them a greater sense of self-confidence.


The risks associated with breast enlargement surgery are not great. However, it should be noted that a small percentage of women may experience capsular contracture (a hardening of the scar tissue that forms around the implant which may require a surgical revision.) It is also important to keep in mind that most implants have to be replaced at some point within a woman’s lifetime as they are not life-long devices.

Pasadena plastic surgeon John Gross offers breast augmentation using saline breast implants and silicone breast implants. View breast augmentation before and after photos. Learn more about breast implants, the placement of the implant, incision site and more. For breast augmentation in Pasadena call 626-792-1222 for a consultation or contact us via email.

*The devices remain in clinical trial and are not yet approved by the FDA.
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