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Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles

Laser Hair Removal PhotosLaser Hair Removal in Glendale is an option for those who have unwanted facial or body hair. The laser works by creating a beam ofhigh-intensity light that penetrates deep into skin tissues. The hair pigment then absorbs this light and turns it into heat, damaging and weakening the hair follicle. The result is a dramatic reduction in hair re-growth and quality. Dr. Gross uses a brand new, state-of-the-art Candela GentleLase machine that delivers outstanding results.

The Procedure

The laser session can take as little as a few minutes to as long as an hour depending on the areas to be treated. The hairs should be about 1/8 in length at the time of treatment. The hair will be immediately burned off by the laser, although some hair may take up to 2 weeks to fall off. The use of a topical anesthetic is optional.


After the procedure, a cooling gel or ice pack may be applied to the skin to soothe the treated area. There will be some redness to the treated area for about 30 minutes to 2 hours. Sun exposure should be avoided before and after the treatment, and sunblock should be applied to the treated areas when going outdoors.


With each treatment the patient will have fewer hairs, and existing hairs will be thinner and lighter. Most people require multiple treatments for optimal results, as the process is only effective when the hair follicle is in active growth phase.


The risks involved with laser hair removal are minimal. Although rare, bruising, hyperpigmentation, scabbing or blistering may occur, but should disappear with time. The best way of avoiding any complications is to carefully follow your doctor’s instructions, especially with regards to sun exposure.

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