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Breast Implant Choices

Tummy Tuck vs Liposuction

USC physicians separate conjoined twins in marathon surgery.

A team of nearly 80 staff at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles — including general, orthopaedic and plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists from the Keck School of Medicine of USC, as well as nurses, and other care-givers and specialists — successfully separated the girls, who were joined at the mid-abdomen and pelvis and facing each other.

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The Good, the Bad and the Slimy

Modern medicine is transforming detested creatures and deadly toxins into potent life-saving tools.
It is axiomatic that no one will accept a medical treatment that inflicts more harm than the disease it treats. After all, even if injections of the Ebola virus could completely cure arthritis, not many would line up for a shot.

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About Face

With a focus on simpler, yet more advanced procedures, plastic surgeons pioneer new techniques so that everyone can put their best face forward.
With one fleeting expression, the human face can convey contentment of pain, drawing others closer or driving them away.
It can shout of confidence, or flicker with vulnerability.

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A Separate Peace

A historic surgery allows conjoined twin girls to grow as separate individuals along with their fraternal triplet.
In a rare, highly complex and historic procedure, teams of physicians and surgeons at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) completed in September 2003 the separation of identical conjoined twin girls who were born nine months earlier…

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Group Helps Teen Face the Future

Mexican girl receives reconstructive surgery thanks to Southland donors.
Miriam Murillo, 17, with her father, Manuel; she had an infection as an infant in Loreto, Mexico, that left her face disfigured.

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Keck: The Miniseries

Don’t look for Richard Chamberlin swashbuckling his way through surgery, but this Discovery Health documentary brings the real-life adventures of USC doctors and patients to the small screen.

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